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Rug Ed: Rugs for Large Rooms

We all love having a little bit of extra space but sometimes, decorating these larger spaces can be a little intimidating. Never fear, we’re here to help, and think that the best way to approach a larger space is from the ground up.


Larger Bedroom Rugs
Best Sizes For Larger Rooms:  9×12 and 10×14

For larger bedroom rugs that offer full coverage, there are two general rules of thumb.

1) Everything on the rug:  choose a rug large enough to cover nearly the entire floor of the room leaving about 18” open on all sides.  The rug should fit completely under all of the furniture in the room, like this:

2) Choose a rug large enough to go under most of the bed, and that extends to the edges of the side tables or nightstands but doesn’t go underneath. Like this:

Larger Dining Room Rugs
Best Sizes 9×12, 10×14

For larger dining rooms, the rules are the same as they all for smaller dining rooms: table and chairs should fit entirely on the rug, leaving enough room for chairs to be pulled out (and still sit squarely on the rug). Because who would want to pull their chair out and get it caught on the edge of the rug?

Larger Living Rooms
Best Sizes 10×14, 12×18

Photo courtesy of: @prettydomesticated

There are multiple rug solutions for larger living rooms. You can find one oversized rug that sits under all of the furniture, with all 4 legs of each piece sitting within the border (great for big open concept rooms). Or, use a rug that sits under most of the furniture – with the front two legs of each piece on the rug and the rear legs on the bare floor.

Another option, perfect for rooms with discrete spaces / seating areas is to use two rugs, one for each space. In this scenario, we recommend using matching rugs or rugs in the same color scheme for a cohesive look.


Still Stuck? Try Custom Sized Rugs

We understand that every space is unique – if that wasn’t the case, life would be so boring! Our new custom rug program ensures that no matter the shape or size of your living space, you can have beautiful rugs that fit perfectly. Choose from multiple patterns and colorways of performance rugs that are ready to be shown off in any space!

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