Home Decorating Rug Design Challenge Winners: Spotlight on Lauren McBride

Rug Design Challenge Winners: Spotlight on Lauren McBride

In the wake of the very exciting announcement about our 12 Rug Design Challenge winners, we’ll be profiling each blogger over the next year so you all can learn more about each winner and their beautiful rug designs! Up first is lifestyle and motherhood blogger Lauren McBride, who has penned her eponymous blog since 2008.

Rug Design Challenge Winners: Spotlight on Lauren McBride | Annie Selke's Fresh American Style

(Photo via Lauren McBride / Taken by Victoria Gloria)


Lauren lives on the Connecticut Shore with her husband Pat and her two children Noelle (1.5 years) and Landon (4 years). In July, Lauren and her husband announced that they are expecting their third child, a boy, in February 2018!

Lauren’s blog is heavily centered around topics of motherhood with posts about fashion, DIY projects and decorating her vintage-inspired cottage sprinkled in, too. When it comes to her décor choices, Lauren fills her home with kid-friendly, easy to clean, yet stylish pieces that make sense with her growing family. Her practical sense of style was a major factor in the creation of her two winning rug designs:

Rug Design Challenge Winners: Spotlight on Lauren McBride | Annie Selke's Fresh American Style

Rug Design Challenge Winners: Spotlight on Lauren McBride | Annie Selke's Fresh American Style

We asked Lauren a few questions to learn more about her designs and the inspiration behind them:


What was the inspiration behind your rug design?

We live a short distance from the shore, which is always a large inspiration for how I decorate my home. I wanted to infuse the relaxing, serene vibes of the waves gently crashing ashore which was my main inspiration for my ombre rug. I’m also a huge fan of cement tile, which is a big trend in home design, but have a hard time committing to something so trendy with a hefty price tag. I loved the idea of a cement tile inspired rug, and also one that could have a reversible pattern! I’m all about products that are versatile and easy to clean with small children.


How do you see the rugs being used in an interior or exterior space?

Having two small children (and a third on the way!), I’m always thinking about home decor that’s family friendly. I envision my rugs being easily cleanable so they can be used in any interior room. Outdoor fabrics would be a bonus!


Tell us about the color palette you focused on. How did you choose the hues for your rug?

Living by the shore, the colors of the ocean are always a huge influence in my home. Our home is filled with colors reminiscent of sea glass or ocean hues. I’m also a huge fan of neutrals, which is where the inspiration for my cement tile rug came into play. I wanted something that popped but also had a neutral base so it would be more versatile in the room. I also envision the cement tile rug being available in multiple colors for those who like a bolder look. I can picture it in a blush pink for a little girl’s nursery!


How did Annie Selke’s designs play an influential role in your winning rug design?

Annie Selke’s rug designs are some of the top in the market, in my opinion. I love the variety she offers, and I feel there’s a rug in her collection for everyone. She has a wide range of items, from bold designs to simple patterns. I spent a lot of time browsing the Dash & Albert line as I was coming up with my ideas because I wanted to create rugs that would fit seamlessly into her collection while also representing my own style.


Any other thoughts on the design process or rug challenge?

This experience was quite the challenge! I’m not a designer by any means, other than designing my own home. I went into this challenge with no expectations, and I’m blown away that two of my designs were selected into the top twelve. I’m so grateful and can’t wait to see my designs come to life!


Be sure to check back soon as we continue to profile the other eleven winners! If you missed our last post announcing our twelve Rug Design Challenge Winner, read it here!

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