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Room View with Claire Brody

Welcome to our fourth installment of Room View, a series on Fresh American Style where we’re partnering up with some of our favorite design bloggers and challenging them to make over a room in their home with Annie Selke products! Last month we featured blogger Ali Schilling of A Dash of Details and this month, we had the pleasure of working with Claire Brody, the voice behind Austin, Texas-based Claire Brody Designs.

Claire wanted to create a warm and welcoming guest room in her home, filled with lots of color and texture. Scroll down for photos of the new space and the 411 on her design inspiration!



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 Claire used the following Annie Selke products in her space:


Cinnabar Rug

Antigua Bedding 

Seychelles Natural Bedding 

Greylock Curtain Panels


Q& A with Claire Brody


 How would you describe your interior design style?

 Bold, collected and spontaneous!


Why did you choose your guest room for the makeover? (over another room in your house.)

Our guest room never received the attention it deserved.  We have semi-frequent guests and while the room wasn’t offensive, it was never intentionally designed and never felt finished to me. I wanted the space to feel like a retreat for our guests.


What was the goal for your guest room design? 

I wanted our guest room to feel luxe yet cozy.  The room was functional (had a bed for sleeping) but I wanted to add a layer of textures, patterns, fabrics and textiles to take the once average guest room to a beautifully designed bedroom.


What do you love most about Annie Selke products? Do you have a favorite item?

I LOVE Annie Selke rugs. Hands down favorite source for area rugs!  I have 20+ rug samples that I keep on hand for client projects.  The area rugs are beautifully designed and the quality is always there. Annie Selke bedding comes in a close second to their area rugs.  There is such a great selection of classic bedding pieces as well as beautiful statement pieces.


What is it about the Annie Selke brand and product designs that resonate with your personal style?

Annie Selke always has what I need for projects.  They have such a large selection of rugs and bedding.  Definitely the first place I shop when browsing for clients and myself. I also love that Annie Selke is extremely reliable.  Even though I haven’t seen all of their product offerings, I know that the quality will always be there.  This is super important when ordering online for clients.  Annie Selke just gets it.


What is your favorite aspect of your newly designed guest room?

I love how the rich colors marry together.  Between the deep red area rug, rich mustard drapes and bold blue pattern bedding, those colors and patterns just do it for me.  I couldn’t be happier with the room!


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