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Rise & Shine: Secrets to a happier, more peaceful morning.

Don’t let social media put you on the back foot! Create a forcefield of calm around you by embracing these simple, feel-good rituals instead.

Start your day with some samba.
It’s hard to feel stressed listening to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud Gilberto, and their playful takes on beachy, Brazilian jazz. Try it in the dead of winter – or kick off your morning with a feel-good anthem of your own.

Stretch for 2 minutes. (It’s 2 minutes well-spent.)
You may not have time for a full-on yoga class, but you can experience a mini-version of the euphoria that yoga brings by stretching: Try a forward fold. Side stretches. Reaching your hands as high as they’ll go. Close your eyes and thank your body for carrying you through each day.

Notice something new out the window.
Annie gets tons of inspiration from nature. “Just this morning, I was watching the sunrise in bed and thought, ‘These colors – the blue, the pink, that funny, olivey brown – would make such a gorgeous striped rug,’ ” she says. Follow her lead and study the way a tree branch rustles. The quality of the light. Paying attention to the natural world puts wonder in your day.

Say nice things — to yourself.
Embrace a gratitude ritual. Set an intention for the day. Or search online for “I am” affirmations for a readymade list of statements that will buoy your confidence and your calm.

Awaken all five senses.
Keep a favorite essential oil in your bedside drawer and use it to breathe deep first thing. Notice the feel of being surrounded by deep pillows. And savor the taste of your favorite morning brew – preferably while propped up on those beautiful pillows!

Repeat these steps daily for best results.

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