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Quick-Change Artists: 4 New Pillow & Throw Palettes for Spring

Dear Dark, Drizzly, Chilly Weather,


We’re not buying your whole moodier-than-a-teenage-girl act. In fact, if you can’t play nice, we’re just going to ignore you, and move on to summer without you. Today we’re putting that sunny attitude into our decorating with these fresh new decorative pillow and throw combos—an easy, fluff-and-you’re-done way to switch up your look without spending a fortune.


Take a peek through all four—a brights palette featuring fuchsia, turquoise, and lime green; a pink and blue palette that’s anything but kiddish; a classic navy and white palette updated with a bright burst of crimson; and a full-on summery palette bursting with bold pink, tangerine, and coral—and we’re pretty sure you’ll be ready to lighten up tout de suite.




1. Candlewick Crimson Continental Pillow

2. Surina Indigo Decorative Pillow

3. Normandy Navy Throw

4. Chadna Indigo Decorative Pillow

5. Boyfriend White Matelassé Throw




1. Boyfriend Orange Matelassé Throw

2. Poppy Pink Decorative Pillow

3. Aran Throw

4. Laundered Linen Coral Decorative Pillow

5. Candlewick Paprika Decorative Pillows




1. Bonaire Linen Decorative Pillow

2. Cana Blue Decorative Pillow

3. Candlewick Pale Rose Throw

4. Windsor Dusty Plum Fringed Fleece Throw 50” X 70”

5. Savannah Linen Gauze White Decorative Pillow


pink and green


1. Amelie White Embroidered Decorative Pillow

2. Laundered Linen Citrus Throw

3. Ibiza Citrus Decorative Pillow Double Boudoir

4. Coco Throw

5. Candlewick Fuchsia Decorative Pillows



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