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Our dogs are hardly demanding—after all, they’re content to spend the day rolling in our flower beds, splashing through murky ponds, or vacuuming up any tidbits unfortunate enough to tumble over the side of the dinner table—but we still prefer to feed them healthy treats that don’t contain unpronounceable ingredients or mystery additives. Which is why we—and they—were wagging with happiness to receive a special delivery from the Polka Dog Bakery of Boston, purveyor of some delectable doggy delicacies.

The Polka Dog was created (and named) for an endearing one-eyed stray rescued outside San Juan, Puerto Rico. When her owners realized she needed some extra TLC, they started experimenting with baking their own treats. Although they now have two stores in the Boston area, which sell everything from canine birthday cakes and pizza to peanut butter–filled hooves and accessories like collars, they also sell a selection online, including our dogs’ favorites: the Meat Lovers Healthy Dog Treats, Chicken Littles, and Lucky Duck —all made with a handful of simple, high-quality, healthy ingredients.

What’s the word from the pups? Here’s our house dog Leika, companion of our photo stylist, Melissa, making a stealth approach on the treats . . . which she then gobbled leave-no-crumb-behind style.


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