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Peruvian Pop: Fresh Color Palette Inspiration

Ever have a moment when you’ve found bedding, furniture, a rug, or an accessory so phenomenal, you can’t wait to build an entire room around it? We had that exact, shut-the-front-door epiphany as soon as we saw Annie’s new Lima decorative pillows. In two eye-popping colorways—neutral gray with tons of accent hues, or a tangerine version with brights galore that practically shouts “Go bold or go home!”—this embroidered throw pillow is instant palette inspiration for all sorts of spaces.

We’ve been having a blast helping Annie come up with what seems like an endless variety of color palettes based on the Lima pillow. But if we had to narrow it down, here are a few of our favorites.


For this look, Annie played with the contrast of neutrals and brights. She limited the palette on the bed to three main colors, layering two textural bedcovers—a slate quilt and a citrus matelassé coverlet, plus their matching shams—over classic ivory sheets with a hemstitch detail. For the rug, she picked up the citrus hue, and added some bright, bold shapes in pink and lavender. The pink and citrus are echoed again in the vertical-stripe curtains, which bring a new shade, tangerine—also in the accent furniture—to the mix.


Although this look oozes personality, it’s actually pretty simple and spare, with just one focal color. Again Annie started with the grey Lima pillow, and combined it with a fuchsia matelassé coverlet and shams, and crisp cotton sheets with elegant persimmon embroidery. The wool/cotton blend rug also features the fuchsia highlight hue, but almost magically includes many of the colors in the pillow—aqua, tangerine, citrus, grass. As a bonus, its angular zigzag pattern provides contrast to the sinuous embroidery of the pillow. A pretty and petite Moroccan-inspired, painted accent table serves as the nightstand, with a couple of live plants in white planters placed around the room.


Because Annie rarely meets a color she doesn’t like, she came up with this incredibly fun, entirely fresh mix of bedding and decor. This time using the orange Lima pillow as her inspiration, she tossed on a bright tangerine matelassé coverlet and a pinwheel-pattern quilt and shams in coral, then contrasted those warm tones with the cool, cool sky blue of a fringed linen throw and decorative pillow (also the same shade as the wall paint). The woven cotton rug echoes the coral, sage, and aqua tones of the Lima pillow, plus adds some neutrals to ground the splashy colors. The window panels, borrowed from the first Lima Grey design, are a fun way to play with a motif, this time with the stripes running in a direction opposite those of the rug. Annie brought in an Indian-inspired painted table, and voilà—instant boho beauty.



In case you’re jonesing for more Lima Orange goodness, here are two more color combos to wet your whistle. Pretty snappy, don’t you think?

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