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One-Hour Office Makeover


When Annie’s good friend Lillian Lennox called to tell Annie she was moving her mental health–care office into new digs in Lenox, Massachusetts, and had less than a day to put her new waiting room together, Annie was up for the challenge. In just under an hour, she warmed the place up with sophisticated décor, touchable textures, and calming colors that strike just the right tone for a therapist’s office.

First Annie covered the floor with a plush, micro-hooked wool rug in pale gray with an Old World scroll pattern. Then she swapped out the heavy, dated brown leather couch for a sleeker, more modern style in sand-colored microsuede. She hid the unsightly electronics in the closet with some custom-made curtains in a modern gray pattern.

To top it off, Annie gave Lillian a painting by artist Melissa Lillie, which had hung in Annie’s old house but didn’t have a place in her new decorating scheme. Rather than endure the heartbreak of watching it be hauled off to storage, Annie put it front and center in Lillian’s office, where everyone who walks in has a chance to appreciate it. Not only does the abstract piece have colors and shapes that are soothing to look at, but it’s still visually interesting enough not to blend in with the background.


What do you think? What kinds of decorative touches do you like to see in a health-care professional’s office?


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Mary September 2, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Lucky Lillian – Having a Melissa Lillie in your home would be good for anyone’s mental health. Love her work.


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