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Not-So-Blank Canvas

Who doesn’t love a clean, white space decked out with some well-placed accents? That’d be a big yes from us. . . . But we also know that when it comes to white rooms, it’s easy to tip the scales from stylish to stark. Not so with this beautifully appointed dining room in Mallorca, courtesy of Nuevo Estilo.

The walls and ceiling may be a simple, flat-finish white, but this room is all about texture—from the grainy, white-washed wood furniture to the marble floor tiles and the smooth decorative spheres and plastic chairs. The furniture and accessories are perfectly proportioned to make the most of the room’s small size, with a single tall cabinet set against the largest wall and oversized, flush-mount lighting fixture above the table.

For a bit of warmth and dimension, the designers have added a simple round table in a toasty finish, dark tableware, a rough-hewn stone sculpture, and fresh flowers and tree branches. And while we love printed fabric on windows, we think these sheer gray shades are perfect for filtering but not blocking the natural light and view. It’s a simple, uncluttered, he- and she-friendly approach that speaks to a combination of high style and easy living.



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