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Nice Rack: Make This Mod Storage Unit!


If you love a DIY project but could do without the mess and heavy tools, we’ve got a how-to for you: a storage rack you can make yourself in a single afternoon, sans specialized equipment, swearing, and headaches. What we love even more is that this Mod-look rack can be used to organize everything from car keys and mail to gardening tools, kids’ toys, pet toys and supplies, and small accessories. It can even be used as a freestanding, faux headboard for a queen-size bed.

How cool is that? Read on to get the details.

What you’ll need:

Several lengths of 3” diameter PVC pipe, cut with a miter saw or at your local home-improvement store; for this 24”-square unit, we needed about 22’ of pipe

Metal T-square

Metal straight edge

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

How to do it:

1. Use a miter saw to cut the PVC pipe into 4” tubes. Or ask your local home-improvement store to cut it for you; most offer this service if you purchase the product from them, though they may charge a fee. For our version, we needed 64 tubes.



2. Align the first couple of PVC tubes along the inner corner of a metal T-square. Be sure to turn the printed sides toward each other, so that none of the printing shows from the outside.


3. Use a hot glue gun to apply a line of glue to the printed side of one PVC tube, then set it on the table and press it firmly against the printed side of another tube. Hold for several seconds to adhere. Allow to cool before repeating with the next tube.



4. Continue gluing together tubes until you have a 1’-by-1’ square of tubes. (Larger sizes become unwieldy, so keep it small.) Allow to cool. Stand it up to check for alignment on all sides. Set it aside.



5. Repeat with remaining tubes, stopping each time you have a 1’-by-1’ square.


6. Once the squares have cooled completely, fit two squares together to check for alignment. Apply hot glue to each of the contact points on one square, then press the other square firmly against it and hold for several seconds. Allow to cool.



7. As the glued sections get larger, use a straight edge to maintain alignment. (If you keep checking alignment as you go, the process will be faster and you’ll have much better results. Trust us on this one.) Continue gluing the sections together, and allow to cool.



8. Once all squares have been glued together and allowed to cool, carefully set the storage rack on one end and check to make sure all contact points are secure. Touch up with glue, if necessary, allow to cool a final time, and move the unit to its new location. Place it an inch or so from painted or wallpapered walls to avoid scratching.


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