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Montauk Modern: Guest Blogger Lynn Byrne shares her love for Montauk, New York


Image 1 popular ditch plains beach

Montauk’s popular Ditch Plains Beach.


In recent years, the sleepy fishing town of Montauk, NY has enjoyed a surge in popularity. Some suggest that the added crowds are “changing” Montauk. They are wrong.


Image 2-boys- shark catch

My family fishermen in Montauk and their shark catch.


Long known as the “UnHampton” Hampton, Montauk is decidedly more relaxed than its sister towns to the west


Montauk has had a certain cache, ever since it first was developed by tycoon Carl Fisher.  Well known for his construction in Miami, Fisher set his sights on Montauk to establish it as the “Miami Beach of the North” back in the 1920s.  He was hoping to draw adventure-seeking members of the Social Register in Manhattan out East for the summer.


Although Fisher’s grand plans ground to a halt with the Great Depression, that didn’t stop folks from making the long journey to Montauk. The 1960’s saw the rise of the fully outfitted – down to the toothbrushes – “kit” house known as the Leisurama.  Designed for family living, these vacation homes were sold at Macy’s.  They were snapped up at the time, and when one of the few unaltered originals comes on the market today it is highly desired.


Then, of course, there are the rocking 1970s.  Montauk saw the likes of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, who memorialized Montauk’s Memory Motel in song.  Andy Warhol maintained a compound in Montauk and invited such folks as Jackie Onassis and her sister Lee Radziwill to come and play.  Sounds pretty chic, don’t you think?


Montauk’s current vogue status really isn’t anything new. Montauk’s continued allure is identical to why it will always remain special.  A full two-thirds of the land in Montauk is dedicated state or federal parkland that will never be developed.

Those majestic ocean front cliffs, beaches, dense forests, horseback riding trails and fresh water lakes and ponds are staying.

Image 3-montauk- cliffs at ditch

Beach-side cliffs in Montauk.


Plus, Montauk’s remote location at the very tip of Long Island helps preserve it.   Affectionately known as “The End,” it has long been an effort to get to Montauk, whether by horse and carriage or the slow car ride down 2-lane highway, Route 27.  At times it seems as if horse and car move at the same pace.  But what a joy when you arrive!


Image 4, my backyard

When I am not there, I pine for my backyard in Montauk, even on a cloudy day.


It takes a special type of person to make the trip.  Someone who desires a bit of adventure like the flock Carl Fisher was hoping to attract.  A person who prizes his or her privacy, seeking only to enjoy family and close friends like Jackie O. and her sister Lee.  And the sort that welcomes a bit of the artsy Bohemia that drew Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger.


image 5 pat painting

My artist son painting in his Montauk studio.



If you are that type, Pine Cone Hill’s Montauk Modern Collection captures the essence of Montauk and is the perfect way to feather your seaside nest, wherever it is located. The collection’s blue, white and sandy hued palette is a nod to the waters and beaches that ring Montauk.


Montauk LivingRoom Brushstroke

The whites, blues and sandy tones of this living room play beautifully with the outdoor view.  All furnishings from the Montauk Modern Collection.


The fabrics and textiles used in the Montauk Modern Collection are painterly and rich in texture, reflecting the artsy air that has always been part of the town.


Montauk Bedroom Brushstroke

The pattern on this bedding from the Montauk Modern collection recalls large abstract art.


The stitched quilt and pillow, and loose-knit indigo throw in the Montauk Modern Collection create a cool, casual feel that celebrates craftsmanship.


Like Jackie Onassis, the Montauk Modern Collection is elegant, yet understated, and always in good taste.



The Serengeti Beige Lucian Chair and natural Jute rug from the Montauk Modern Collection are sophisticated and elegant, yet simple.


The perfect spot to kick back after a romp at the beach.  Sofa, rug, pillows and throw, all from the Montauk Modern Collection.


About Lynn: Lynn is the New York based editor of the award-winning blog Décor Arts Now where she covers interior design, art, travel and her adventures living in New York City and Montauk.  She also is a freelance writer for a variety of other publications and regularly contributes to the blog Cloth & Kind and DXV’s Decade 15 Magazine.   While Lynn has had several vocations in her life: Wall Street corporate attorney, mother, interior designer and now writer, she considers her years at Sotheby’s as having the most influence on her point of view.  Lynn was awarded the 2015 Design Bloggers Hall of Fame Award for Best Writing.

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