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Mixing Vintage with Midcentury Modern for a Fresh Take on Eclectic

Maybe it’s the worldly feel, maybe it’s the contrast of shapes and lines, or maybe it’s our fascination with everything Bunny Williams does. No matter what the reason, we can’t get enough of mixing different styles of décor from various time periods. Tops on our list right now is midcentury furniture combined with vintage furniture and accents, which creates a retro, laid-back, brainy-eclectic design that works in virtually any space.


Here’s a look at vintage and midcentury modern done right:


Living room with vintage and midcentury furniture accents

Photo credit and link: Photo via Fleur de Londres


A sleek, center-stage midcentury coffee table and accent chair are warmed up with an antique rug (we’d have gone a bit bigger on the latter, if given the choice), vintage tribal pillows, and vintage framed prints. This mix and the choice of fabrics gives the living room a lived-in quality that still feels very contemporary.




A soft, vintage-inspired watercolor print on the bedding benefits from the edgy quality of a clean-lined midcentury platform bed, Arco-style floor lamp, and wood bench with V-shaped metal legs. Bonus points for the vintage ’60s flair in the glass-topped accent table. Perfect for a hip metro apartment.


eclectic living room midcentury sofa

Design by Emily Henderson


This layered-neutral living room is filled with all sorts of vintage goodies, from the large area rug to the metal trunk, punched-aluminum pendant lamp, and curvy-leg armchair. We love the way the gunmetal midcentury tufted sofa and smooth ivory accent chair up the style quotient with simple, eye-catching shapes and textured fabrics.




How cool is this combination? An antique headboard with a fantastic shape, vintage Moroccan-style lanterns, and a stunning retro block print decorative pillow in a rich indigo hue look effortlessly modern when paired with tailored bedding and a midcentury accent table. The design feels expensive, even if many of the pieces are affordable.

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Lynn September 3, 2015 at 3:24 pm

Third room is Emily Henderson.

Catherine September 4, 2015 at 6:23 am

Yup, Lynn is right. It was her very first episode of Secrets from a Stylist, I think.

Fresh American September 4, 2015 at 7:45 am

Thank you, Lynn and Catherine! We knew an eagle-eyed reader would be able to help us out on that one!


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