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Above you see/may remember  the south side of the house before the work began. The plan is to turn what was the living room into the master bedroom, but an addition is being built to house the master bath (I love a fab bathroom) and a master dressing room (I love a fab dressing room).

The entry into the addition is basically through the chimney. So we had to remove the massive, well-built brick chimney.  We got this far and decided to wait for the heavy artillery to pull down the rest.

Enter heavy artillery! We got to the house from the side in order to limit the impact on the front lawn.

To get close to the house there were a few obstacles to overcome.

A gratifying use of machine power! The remains of chimney were removed with ease (if you know how to operate one of those things).

Then the hole digging started. It’s the messy part.

The space was cleared to John Gilmer’s, my architect’s, specifications.

The site was made level and then the footing was poured.  Once set up, the necessary gravel was added and the frame for the foundation walls went up.

Another angle.

And yet another angle.

Then the cement mixer came. I don’t know how I missed that photo, but I did. Oh, well. You all know what they look like, so envision it, please.

Stay tuned for the framing of the new space.





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Pam Lapere August 14, 2012 at 11:26 am

I live where it is only a few inches above sea level. So the hole would be a swimming pool. Do they did that deep for the foundation or will there be a level change for the addition or perhaps a basement area?


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