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Merola Tile: The Unexpected Element

When we think of the hallmarks of Moroccan decorating, the first thing that comes to mind is tile. Detailed and intricate, Moroccan tile is often full of color and pattern.

As much as we love a colorful tiled wall (and do we ever), to complement our neutral Alanya bedding and home décor collection, we went the way of a lighter-colored Penny Tile from our friends at Merola.  This pearly penny tile is just so fab and versatile – we can’t think of a room it wouldn’t look good in.

While most of us are familiar with using tile as flooring or as a backsplash in the kitchen, we’re striking out! We chose to tile an entire accent wall. It really lets the accessories in the room stand out, and still makes a quiet statement.


Even though it’s neutral in color, it doesn’t fall short on style…the tile colors vary and the way the light plays on the shimmer, sheen and almost pearly tile adds even more interest.  Get the look here!

Want even more unexpected tile ideas? See some of our favorites below.


Photo via My Domaine

Creating a space with a tiled floor within a floor – genius!  (Get the look here)

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Photo via Apartment Therapy

We love this living room wall!   (Get the look here)



The star of the room – this tiled headboard.  (Get the look here)


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