Home Decorating Meet our hand-knotted Masinissa wool rug.

Meet our hand-knotted Masinissa wool rug.

Is it Boho? Yes!
Is it Modern? Yes!
Is it Tasteful & Traditional? Yes!
Is it Eclectic? Yes!

Masinissa is the rug that works with every aesthetic.

“We believe strongly in comfortable rugs in a bedroom, and I loved that this one from Annie Selke felt kinda mountain-y. I’ve used it before and LOVE it because it has movement without a bold pattern, and is a tone that hides dirt while still feeling light, therefore, making the space feel bigger.” -Emily Henderson, Style by Emily Henderson

If you’ve been looking for a lush, plush, treat for the feet, try our Moroccan-inspired woven wool area rugs. Soft and dense with a subtle geometric pattern, these rugs are made for maximum comfort.

Here’s how other style stars are using Masinissa in their homes.

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For more inspiration, see:

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