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Meet our 25th Anniversary $25,000 Sweepstakes winner

“It was quite shocking. I’ve never won anything in my life!” says Anne-Marie Ljung, who bought a colorful Annie Selke throw pillow and – the next thing she knew – learned she’d won a $25,000 shopping spree from annieselke.com as well as a two-night stay at 33 Main, Annie’s luxury inn in Lenox, Massachusetts.

As it turns out, the timing of the windfall is perfect for Ljung, a 50 year-old single mom in North Carolina who bought her three-bedroom ranch in Chapel Hill 13 years ago. “There are changes I’ve wanted to make in my house since I moved in,” she says, “But I never had the time or space or money to put into it.” That’s all about to change.


Congrats! What are your plans for the prize money?

I have a very nerdy spreadsheet in progress! I’m thinking about rugs, wallpaper, and curtains for our living and dining areas. Overall, the decor is a hodgepodge, and more than anything, I’d like for it to feel unified and to reflect me and my family.

What drew you to Annie Selke?

Quality is one of the biggest things, but what I like about the aesthetic of the company is that it plays with contrast and a lot of different characteristics. It can be serene and bold at the same time, or elegant and whimsical.

I think it takes a really great eye to pull something like that off, and I really admire that.

How do you unplug and find peace at home?

I think being home should feel restorative, and I think that means different things to different people. For me it’s having natural light and calming colors that bring the outside in, and having music and art, and a life with kids and cats.

That sounds like heaven. We’re so happy to help you achieve your vision!


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