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Meet Clare!

Introducing our newest decorating friend, Clare! Clare is an online paint company that takes the headache out of paint shopping. They believe that you should have a stress-free experience with easy color sampling, high quality paint & supplies all delivered right to your door. Behind this incredible company is the inspirational founder Nicole Gibbons. We caught up with Nicole to get the scoop on all things Clare.

Where do you seek inspiration from?
I’m inspired by so many things…art, architecture, fashion, cultures from around the world, and the work of interior designers from the past like Billy Baldwin and Parish Hadley. I also am hugely inspired by the beach. Aside from finding the beach completely rejuvenating, I get my most meaningful bursts of creativity when I’m sitting on a beach and have time to clear my head and be at one with my thoughts and the ocean.

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Featuring ‘Wing It’

What is your process in choosing a paint color?
I always start by assessing the natural light in a space because it has the biggest impact on how paint colors are perceived. The amount of light your space receives, the direction the light is coming from, and even how the light plays with other colors in the room such as in your rugs or curtains can alter how paint colors appear. The direction your light is coming from is especially important when choosing white or neutral paint colors. South facing rooms, for example have very warm light, so you may want to opt for a cooler shade of white or a cool neutral to balance it out. Light in north facing rooms is much cooler, so you’ll want to choose a warmer toned white to make the space feel more inviting. The goal is to balance out any hues in the room, so your light is as clean and neutral as possible, the color reads truer.

Is it hard choosing a paint name?
Not at all! The process of naming was actually quite fun! I felt other paint names you’re used to hearing always sound a little boring, so I saw this as an opportunity to create names that were fresh and had personality. Our names are really fun and come from unlikely sources of inspiration such as pop culture and fashion. A few of my favorite names include Avocado Toast, Blue Ivy and Lemonade — both inspired by Beyoncé, and Motor City — a homage to my hometown of Detroit.

What makes Clare paint different?
We’ve created an easier, more inspiring way to buy paint with a tightly curated assortment of the best paint colors for interiors, Zero VOC paint that’s GREENGUARD gold certified for a healthier, happier home, plus high-quality painting supplies so you can get everything you need to paint a beautiful home, delivered right to your door. We also brought a lot of innovation to the paint shopping experience. We’ve made sampling paint colors easier than ever by doing away with tiny paint chips and messy sample pots and introducing our large-scale, Perfect Color Swatch, which is a paint color sample you simply peel and stick onto your walls. They’re repositionable so you can move them all around your room to sample colors in an instant, with no manual labor or mess required! We also created Clare Color Genius for people who need a little guidance choosing a color. It’s an interactive quiz designed to feel like the interior designer you’ve always wanted to work with is helping you pick the perfect paint color for your space.

Meet Clare | Annie Selke’s Fresh American Style

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Tell us, why did you want to sell Clare paint online only?
I really wanted to create a fresh paint shopping experience that felt entirely different than going to a big box home improvement store. We live in an age where we enjoy the convenience of buying pretty much anything you want online yet the paint industry wasn’t keeping up. The old way typically involved multiple trips back and forth to the store and was a really overwhelming process. By offering the ease and convenience of ordering online and a seamless shopping experience, we remove a lot of the time, stress and frustration from paint shopping.

What typical ‘paint problems’ does Clare solve?
Frankly, shopping for paint has always been a hassle. There are thousands of colors, too many product lines, and traditional paint shopping outlets are completely uninspiring. Clare has flipped that painful experience entirely and makes the process of buying paint easier in every way. From our curated colors to offering expert guidance and amazing customer support. We like to say we take the “pain” out of paint shopping!

How did you come up with the name “Clare”?
When thinking of names for the brand, I wanted it to be the polar opposite of everything that you’re used to hearing from paint companies. Most paint brands have very masculine names and an overly masculine marketing appeal. I intentionally wanted something that sounded more feminine, friendly and approachable, and a name we could build a personality around. Clare also comes from a Latin root word meaning ‘bright’ and ‘brilliant’. So, there is a lot of fun word play there – bright speaking to color, and brilliant speaking to how the brand is breaking new ground in an antiquated industry.

How does paint fit into interior decorating?
Paint is one of the most transformative elements in design. Color not only has the power to completely transform a space, it can also transform the way you feel when you walk into a room.

Meet Clare | Annie Selke’s Fresh American Style

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What does ‘zero VOC’ mean, and why is it important?
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are carbon-containing compounds emitted as gasses that can pollute the air in your home and the environment. VOCs are typically present in most common household products, including paints made with carbon-based solvents. Clare is Zero VOC and GREENGUARD gold certified which ensures our paint releases fewer pollutants and contributes to better indoor air quality. This was really important to us because we know that people care now more than ever about what they bring into their homes. We pride ourselves in the fact that our paint is also free of toxic air contaminants (TACs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), or any chemicals on the EPA chemicals of concern list.

What was the reason behind starting Clare?
I’m obsessed with color and I’ve always used the transformative power of color to help people create beautiful homes. I used to try and test countless paint colors to find “the perfect one” for my interior design clients, and during the process I realized that for those shopping for paint without any guidance, the process is totally overwhelming. A turning point came when a friend told me it took her two months and six trips to the store just to pick a color she hated. It was obvious that the traditional paint shopping experience was broken…so I set out to fix it. I wanted to solve a problem for people by creating a better way to shop for paint that‘s fun and inspiring, with a focus on convenience, quality, curated colors and expert guidance every step of the way. I wanted shopping for paint to be a joy, not a hassle, and I didn’t want anyone to ever have to sort through a confusing and endless sea of paint chips again! Our mission is to help people everywhere create homes they love.

Meet Clare | Annie Selke’s Fresh American Style

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