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Masterclass: Decorating with Coral

“I love coral – it’s so happy and upbeat,” says Annie.

When she set out to design our latest collection, Annie knew that she wanted plenty of blues and whites and neutrals — but that’s not all. “I wanted an energizing color in the mix,” she explains, and went through several rounds of design to arrive at a pitch-perfect coral that’s “bright, yet subtle.”

Using paint swatches, we created three whole-room palettes using this optimistic shade.

DIY Sunshine
Brighten up a small, light-challenged space with a panoply of cheery coral shades.

Paints by Benjamin Moore:

1. Springtime Peach 2. Salmon Peach 3. Old World 4. Tangerine Dream 5. Dusk Pink 6. Pink Harmony

Subtle Coral Pops
Accents of coral refresh and enliven a neutral room. (This scene is perfect for those who want to tiptoe into a color like coral.)

Paints by Benjamin Moore:

1. Salmon Peach 2. Sag Harbor Gray 3. Old World 4. Mesa Verde Tan 5. Bleeker Beige 6. Sandlot Gray 7. Wheeling Neutral 8. Tangerine Dream

Unexpected with Blue
Pairing coral with its opposite shade on the color wheel creates a dynamic and unexpected palette for a room.

Paints by Benjamin Moore:

1. Dusk Pink 2. Marlboro Blue 3. Springtime Peach 4. Wedgewood Gray 5. Old World 6. Blue Berry                 7. Woodlawn Blue

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