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Marble Is the New Black



Remember how marble furniture, bowls, and other accessories seemed to be everywhere a few years back? Well, the trend has returned with a vengeance, this time gracing home textiles and clothing. We think it’s especially brilliant on bedding, where its cool, industrial edge is softened by the drapey quality of the fabric. But we have to admit that it looks terrific almost everywhere else, from wall art to table linens, jars and vases, candleholders, and even personal accessories like scarves and tote bags. If you love the marble trend as much as we do, keep scrolling for the best the Web has to offer in how to DIY marbleize a range of different surfaces.


Marble Dipped Vessels from Sugar & Cloth

DIY marble dipped vessels Sugar and Cloth

Gray and black nail polish, some inexpensive ceramic vases and jars, warm water, and some plastic mixing bowls. Does it get an easier than these diminutive DIY marble vases?


Faux Marble Painting Technique from In My Own Style 

Faux-white-marble-painting-technique In My Own Style

Using a feather to paint a marble effect is not only ingenious, but also results in natural-looking marble veining that stands up even to close scrutiny. Don’t rush this one; it takes a little more time to do, but the result is worth it.


Marbleized Paper and Cards from Martha Stewart

marble paper and cards Martha Steward

We love the sophisticated, Old World of this DIY for marbled paper. Decoupage the finished paper on tabletops, trays, or decorative boxes, or frame it as singles or as a large artwork made up of a patchwork of different marble colors and patterns.


How to Marble Fabric with Shaving Cream from Make It & Love It 

How to marble fabric Make It Love It

You read that correctly: this tutorial uses shaving cream and a few squirts of fabric paint to create a subtle marble effect that can be used on cotton napkins, tablecloths, wall hangings, tote bags, and even T-shirts. Caution: this DIY is so simple and addictive, it will make you want to marbleize every piece of fabric in your home and closet.


Make Your Own Marbled Scarf from the Etsy Blog

Etsy how to make a marbled scarf

All we could think to say when we saw this marble how-to is “Woah.” It takes quite a bit of prep, but the mad-scientist-in-the-lab process is fun and results in a phenomenally pretty, personalized accessory.

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