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Make Over Your Playroom in 5 Simple Steps

After nearly three months of nonstop play sessions with their little ones, Fresh American staffers have all had the same gripe: their kids’ playrooms are starting to look tired, messy, and dull. So we concocted this easy 5-step plan for transforming a humdrum playroom or kids’ room into a mecca of make-believe with just a bit of organizing and a few affordable décor switch-outs.


  1. Start by clearing out the room. Pack everything in boxes or crates so you can clear a space with the most play real estate.


colorful playroom with kids furniture bright rug


  1. Paint the largest wall with chalkboard paint.  Providing a big tub of multicolored chalk gives budding Klimts and Dalís plenty of room to express their creativity—and will keep them from sketching their next masterpiece behind your living room sofa or dining table.


  1. Cover the floor with a bright, happy indoor/outdoor rug. Go for the largest you can afford that will cover as much of the space as possible. This not only makes the room look more colorful, but will also protect the floors from any accidental juice spills, fingerpaint drops, and marker stains.


colorful playroom furniture poufs 2

colorful playroom makeover poufs


  1. Bring in sturdy, inexpensive, pint-size furniture and accessories. We opted for a low-riding table—perfect as a drawing station when paired with a floor pillow —plus soft, lightweight poufs and indoor/outdoor pillows that can take a beating and still look like new, wash after wash.


We also created this simple teepee out of sanded, nailed-together 2’ x 2’ pine boards, with an old rug draped over the top. Not only does it maximize secret-hideaway options, but it also adds an extra dash of color and pattern to the playroom.


Colorful playroom with teepee


  1. Don’t forget the storage. Lots and lots of storage. For kids’ rooms, we love these soft-sided storage bins.  They come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and styles; corral the clutter like nobody’s business; and are gentle on little bodies, in case of the accidental tumble. Use these storage bins on shelves to organize crayons, paper, art supplies, and books, or inside closets for storing out-of-season clothes and shoes. We also place them strategically in the back and front corners of the room, so kids have a place to stash their toys at the end of every play session.


Like what you see? Let’s go shopping:


Happy Yellow Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Trimaran Stripe Poufs

Trimaran Stripe WOUFs

Chevron Fuchsia Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

Fresh American Storage Bins

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Nancy Fremont September 23, 2015 at 3:34 pm

I wish you would resume offering fabrics by the yard. I’m longing for a green/cream leafy print for my rocking chair cushion.


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