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Make Mine Moroccan: Plush New Area Rugs

Being an avid world traveler, Annie comes across new design inspiration everywhere she goes. One of her latest loves is Moroccan-style rugs, dense, plush treats for the feet that are the ultimate in luxurious decorating.



What makes Moroccan-style rugs so special? True Moroccan rugs or carpets date back to the Paleolithic era (no kidding!) and are known for their softness and primitive, “hand-drawn” quality. These modern takes on the Moroccan rug retain the lush wool of the originals, and are painstakingly hand knotted by skilled artisans in a process that can take months to complete. Their neutral backgrounds allow the simple geometric patterns—which have been made just a bit more regular than vintage varieties—to shine. They make a statement without shouting over all of your other furniture and accessories.



Moroccan area rugs lend an easy global sophistication to any space. We especially love their upscale-modern appeal in sleek, minimalist spaces, and their boho-chic character in eclectic decorating. But, really, there aren’t many rooms that wouldn’t get an instant style upgrade from one of these rugs.


Where would you use a Moroccan rug in your home?


Numa hand-knotted rug

Zama hand-knotted rug

Masinissa hand-knotted rug

Massena hand-knotted rug

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