Home Decorating How to Make a Bed that Looks and Feels like Heaven

How to Make a Bed that Looks and Feels like Heaven

Now you can make your bed just like the top interior designers would. Get tips and tricks from Annie Selke for layering heavenly bedding to achieve ultimate luxury.

Use Quality Sheets For Quality Sleep
You’ll need at least one fitted sheet and one flat sheet, but you may choose to add a second flat sheet with a cozy blanket or comforter sandwiched in between for more loft. Either way, for a heavenly look and feel, your sheets should be both beautifully designed and crafted from quality fabrics, like Egyptian cotton, lush linen or ultra-soft, wrinkle-resistant TENCEL or Modal. These lightweight, breathable materials will keep you cool throughout the night and can be layered for additional warmth. If you live in an area with frigid winter nights, consider a heavier material for your sheets, like a fine cotton flannel.

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