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We’re Loving: Textural Wall Treatments

Our new Artisanal Collection offers thoughtfully-designed products in easy-to-love tones and textures. While we believe that incorporating any one of our new Artisanal accessories into your home yields beautiful results, sometimes it’s fun to let your walls be the real showstopper. Throughout our new spring catalog, (request yours here) you’ll see page after page of orglamic scenes – a handful of which feature some of our favorite unique wall treatments. Scroll down for floor to ceiling eye candy and get inspired to add unexpected character to your own home!


Floor-to-Ceiling Wood Tile

Our Artisanal collection was inspired by the beauty of the natural elements that surround us: florals, stone, sand, feathers, shells and of course, wood. So, it should come as no surprise that we had to incorporate a beautiful wooden focal point into one of our catalog scenes. This stunning wall treatment featured on page 37 of the catalog, was created for us by Berkshire-based designer Franz Gonzalez. We’re in love with the warmth the wood brings to the space, which we add to with ivory and sand-hued bedding and earthy accessories. See more of Franz Gonzalez’s wonderful work here.



Seashell-Inspired Penny Tile

This dreamy bathroom scene on page 13 of our spring catalog features an accent wall covered in seashell-inspired penny tile by Merola. What’s not to love about each iridescent inch? This orglamic tile packs a ton of character and will never go out of style in our eyes.


Grass-Cloth Wallpaper

Grass-Cloth wallpaper is an eye-catching design element that fits into a myriad of motifs. We love its three-dimensional design and how incorporating it onto even a single wall adds loads of natural texture and character. We used grass-cloth as the timeless base to this sophisticated living room set-up showcased on page 32 of our catalog.


Which of these texture-rich wall treatments do you prefer? Where in your home would you incorporate your favorite?

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