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Our Love Affair With Pink

Our Love Affair With Pink | Annie Selke's Fresh American Style


You’ve surely noticed by now that pink, especially “millennial pink,” is trending like crazy this year, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. As a company that has always had a love affair with each and every shade of pink (coral, fuchsia, slipper pink… we adore it all!), we’re certainly not complaining. We’re proud to offer a myriad of pink products from rugs to bedding, sleepwear and pillows and throws galore. In honor of our constant color crush, we’re rounding up our favorite pink items for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure!


Our Love Affair with Pink | Annie Selke's Fresh American


Products Shown (from top to bottom):

Slipper Pink Bedroom: Shop the Look!

Wruffle Slipper Pink Pillow

Slipper Pink Selke Fleece Robe

Checks Coral Cotton Rug

Crescent Chair

Amberthyst Hurricanes

Glaze Sequin Pillow

Slipper Pink Boyfriend Towels

Flamingos Duvet

Vista Paisley Quilt

Stone Washed Linen Fuchsia Throw

 Flamingos Indoor/Outdoor Pillow

Flamingos Nightshirt

Colorbands Red 1 Art

Boyfriend Fuchsia Towels

Spot Fuchsia Rug

Fiesta Stripe Sky/Fuchsia Rug

Boyfriend Fuchsia Bedding

Selke Fleece Fuchsia Pillow

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