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Lofty Ambition

Making an industrial-edged loft space look chic, cool, and intimate is a tall order, but somehow, this apartment in Madrid, featured on Decorology gets it all correcto. The warm neutral tones, the cozy fabrics, lived-in furniture, and quirky accents help to scale down and bring intimate ambience to a light-infused, tall with a capital T space that might otherwise seem cold and glaring.

The design maximizes the layering of textures, from the animal-hide rug in the entryway to the furry throws and pillows; the amazing ceiling-to-floor drapes in the living room; the many small decorative objects made of ceramic, glass, and wood; and the seating covered in richly upholstered solids. Pops of color—the distressed green antique sideboard, the vases of poppies, the unexpected (and cushy) lavender area rug in the dining room—are a welcome break from the whites and browns, and the clusters of smaller pieces of furniture (the three small tables used a coffee table, for instance, and the extra chairs placed around the rooms) invite conversation and lend a warm, cozy vibe.

Despite the open floor plan, each “room” is clearly defined by the mix of neutral tones and the arrangement of furniture on area rugs. We especially love the blink-and-you’ll miss them whimsical touches, like the Renaissance-style birds-in-drag portraits in the dining area, the shiny steel photographer’s lamp, the webbed rocking chair, and the ant sculptures creeping up the living room wall. It’s urban-glam without looking overwrought, and thoughtfully designed without appearing complicated. In a word, hermosa.

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