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How to Layer Rugs Like a Pro

You’ve probably guessed by now that we have a thing for layering. Whether on the bed, the sofa, or ourselves, we love the dimension layers bring to decorating. The same applies to area rugs, where layering adds depth to the room and a contrast of textures, not to mention a healthy dash of sophistication—let’s face it: how many people try this look at home?

If you love the layered look but aren’t sure where to begin, try these easy rug-layering tips from Annie:

1. For the base, choose a lower-profile, tight-woven rug in a neutral, like this one or this one. For even easier maintenance, opt for an indoor/outdoor rug, like this gorgeous patterned area rug that feels like wool from the new Bunny Williams collection.

2. On top, go for the bold. Play with bright, showstopping colors you might not normally try, like this dynamic geometric rug. Just be sure to keep the tones the same in both rugs. For example, if you use a cool grey as the base rug, top it with something like this vintage-look tribal pattern in orchid, rust, and red. You can also layer patterns, as long as they’re in the same color family. The top layer is a fantastic place to highlight an antique rug, especially if it’s a smaller size; layering gives you a full-room look without the jumbo price tag.

3. Make sure the base rug extends at least past the furniture arrangement; you might even want to go a bit larger, if it’s in your budget. Then choose a top rug or pair of rugs that fit closer to the inner lines of the furniture.  This will put the focus on the top rug or rugs, and keeping them on the smaller side makes them easier to swap out when you want to change up your look.

Layered rugs Angie Hranowsky]

Angie Hranowsky, via Little Green Notebook

Layered rugs Elle Decor

Elle Décor

Layered rugs One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane

Layered rugs Pinterest

Design by Jeffrey Alan Marks

Layered rugs The Glitter Guide

The Glitter Guide

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Dana November 10, 2019 at 8:41 am

Can you layer a 9x 12 over a 10x 14 in the opposite direction???


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