Home Decorating Kick It Old School with Vintage-Style Rugs in Modern Spaces

Kick It Old School with Vintage-Style Rugs in Modern Spaces

Striped skirts and Liberty-print button-downs. Pink and orange. Chocolate and peanut butter. Some things just work together, and while we may not know the scientific reasons why, we sure aren’t complaining. Today we’re looking at one more pairing on our perfect-match list: vintage-style rugs in modern interior design.


What makes a vintage-look area rug such a natural pick for decorating in a modern room? For starters, retro rugs have a cool throw-back vibe that helps keep the space from looking too slick or cold. They also help warm up an often minimalist design by introducing textural richness in a one-piece, classically beautiful package. On the flip side, a modern room design is perfect for offsetting any old-fashioned or precious associations that a vintage-inspired rug might have, creating a harmonious balance between old and new, streamlined and detailed, hip and inviting.


Here’s a look at a few gorgeous vintage-style rugs giving a personality pick-me-up to some modern spaces.








Leslie Harris Keane Interior Design Walnut Creek Bungalow vintage rug

Photo via Leslie Harris Keane Interior Design

D schmunk Interior Design vintage rug

Photo via D Schmunk Interior Design

Alison Kandler Interior Design Santa Monica cottage floral rug

Design by Alison Kandler Interior Design (photo by Mark Lohman)


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