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Kalastyle: Because Life’s Too Short to Use Junky Soap

When we come across a really terrific home or personal product, our usual reaction is twofold. First, we want to hoard all of it ourselves. Then the spirit of awesomeness takes over, and we can’t wait to tell all of our friends about what we’ve found. This was the case with Kalastyle soap, which we first met cute at the NY NOW gift show earlier this year.


Kalastyle soap 1-1

Photo via @alicelettuce Instagram



It was love at first sight when we spied Kalastyle’s vibrant, graphic packaging. Then we took a sniff of scents like Big Pine Mountain, Luxo Banho Sandalwood, Avocado, and Primula, and knew we were on to something special. But the real test came during in a serious hand washing—we’re talking a full-on ER-style, finger-to-elbows scrub-down—where, we were delighted to note, Kalastyle soaps worked like a dream. Not only did they give us a sense of being sparkling clean, but their creamy (yet not oily) texture left our hands feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized.


Kalastyle soap 2-1

Photo via @alicelettuce Instagram


Kalastyle soap 5-1

Photo via @alicelettuce Instagram



Kalastyle actually started out 20 years ago as a mom-and-pop distribution biz in a Rhode Island livestock barn, and since then has grown since into a 30,000-square-foot facility with an array of incredible inventory. The soaps, which come from Europe, are all natural and/or organic in ingredients, color, and fragrance, and have been crafted through humane methods (yay to no animal testing!).


Kalastyle soap 4-1

Photo via @alicelettuce Instagram


Kalastyle soap 6-1

Photo via @alicelettuce Instagram




We’re so excited by our new find that we’re already planning how we’re going to use Kalastyle soap in gift baskets and packages. Jump over to their site to learn more about their dozens of scents and styles, and get cracking on your order.

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