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It’s the Little Things


Annie’s used to helping people with their design dilemmas, but she recently came face-to-face with a challenge of her own: how to make the flat-screen TV in her bedroom look more like an intentional design element and less like a big black box? So she turned, as she often does, to good friend and architect John Gilmer, who’s been shepherding her reno along since day one.

Together, John and Annie came up with an ingenious solution: they mounted a shadowbox, crafted of the same trim and painted the same color as they used throughout Annie’s house, then popped the TV inside on a swivel mount. When she’s not watching the latest episode of Nashville, she can angle it head-on; this way, the TV sits flush with the frame, which gives it the appearance of artwork. And when she is busy drooling over enjoying the song stylings of Deacon, she can angle it in either direction, for maximum, uh, viewing ability. It’s a great way to avoid the dreaded hospital look of having a TV hanging on the wall, or the dorm-room look of plunking the set on top of a dresser. And it’s just another example of how paying attention to the little details makes for a streamlined, cleaner, more beautiful room design.




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