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Introducing the Berkshire Collection

Timeless, traditional, classic—these three words describe our new Berkshire Collection of printed fabrics debuting this week.


The Inspiration

When we started developing this collection, we honed in on the natural beauty that surrounds us in the gorgeous Berkshires region of Massachusetts (where we are lucky enough to work, too). No matter the season, people from near and far flock to the Berkshires to experience its unique beauty. This time of year, they’re here most notably for our famous fall foliage.

Photo via "Visit The Berkshires" on Instagram

Photo via “Visit The Berkshires” on Instagram


Let’s Talk Color Palette.

We can’t get enough of the bright and lively foliage and crystal blue skies, so it should come as no surprise that we mirrored the color palette for the Berkshire Collection after our favorite season: fall!  Throughout this collection, you’ll see creamy, calming neutrals, buttery golds, deep blues and rich reds, reminiscent, (we think) of the quintessential New England Autumn we hold near and dear to our hearts.




Mix & Match Your Heart Out

This collection is ideal for mixing and matching—We completely encourage it, in fact! Experiment with color pairings, play with patterns and try new combinations to create a sophisticated, timeless and comfortable environment.


Furniture That Makes a Statement

Pick a texture (or two, or three) and a print and mix and match with the Berkshire Collection of fabrics until you create a sofa, loveseat, chair or bed that perfectly reflects your personality.


Finish the Look with Old (and New) Friends

Complete a room with a selection of coordinating Annie Selke rugs, throws and other accessories for a refined yet eclectic feel. “Friends” to the new Berkshire Collection include InesAlanyaAnatolia and Antigua.


Stay tuned for more Berkshire Collection inspiration in the coming weeks. In the meantime, happy shopping!

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