Home Decorating Introducing Artisanal: The “Orglamic” Collection

Introducing Artisanal: The “Orglamic” Collection

We’re thrilled to share our new Artisanal collection with all of you. This carefully curated collection of bedding, rugs, furniture, bath items and home accessories is filled with ample tone and texture, peaceful, nuanced colors, a bit of modern flair and just the right amount of shimmer. Scroll down to explore (and fall in love with) Artisanal!


What is “orglamic?”

Creating our new Artisanal collection (link) prompted us to add a new word to our (and now your) vocabulary: orglamic, a fun combination of organic and glamorous, two words that perfectly describe our new introductions.


Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.23.11 AM


Artisanal Hues

As you’ll discover, this collection is an exploration into the colors found in the natural world around us, including grey, a color often found in feathers, fur, stone and metal, slipper pink, a romantic hue found in flowers, sunsets and sea shells, sand, a warm and inviting color found in wood, grains, and of course, at the beach, and robin’s egg blue, one of Annie all-time favorite hues.

colors copy


Dive Into Artisanal

When you think of our Artisanal collection, think…

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 11.52.39 AM


This collection was designed to help you create entire spaces that promote a sense of sophistication, comfort, earthiness and glamour. Try combining textures, tone and a singular color for a vibe that is warm, welcoming and a little eclectic.




To request your own Artisanal catalog, click here or explore the online version here.


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