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Interiors 101: Decorating with Velvet

The fabric may at first call to mind the palace of Versailles or 1980s excess, but there’s a new modern way to embrace this timeless textile.

Velvet is a type of dense fabric with its looped threads cut short to create the soft, velvet-y feel we all know and love. Before today’s modern technologies, velvet was very expensive to produce, hence its long standing association with luxury and royalty. But with today’s weaving technology and the advent of innovative synthetic fibers, velvet is refreshingly affordable and easy to care for. We love decorating with velvet because tiny touches of this sumptuous fabric lend a room so much richness. Velvet is also just the thing in the colder seasons when we’re craving cozy comfort. Here’s how to use this luxe fabric in your home:

Velvet is the right touch for every mood

when you're feeling bold

when you crave romance

when you’re loving mystery

when you’re in a lively mood

Velvet shines in playful colors.

Velvet plus color is a winning combination! Because of its dense weave, velvet fabric has a richness to it that gives you double the impact of the color. We love to incorporate colorful, velvet pillows into a living room to brighten up the safe, neutral couches so many of us own.

But a little color goes a long way.

Even soft hues like the quietest sage green or a pale blush look rich when rendered in velvet. If you’re nervous about dipping your toes into colorful velvets, start with these almost-neutral hues and layer on more color as you feel bolder.

Velvet makes it easy to go all-out.

If you want to make a bold design statement, use velvet in a big way, say, as a bed cover or as sofa upholstery. Once you commit to using velvet over a large surface, you’re automatically on the path to a more daring design. The rest of your picks can be a little quieter, and you’ll still get that adventurous feeling.

Mix and match your textiles.

Velvet is lovely on its own, but it really comes forward in a room when it’s contrasted against other rich textures, like a heavyweight linen, embroidered cottons, rustic wool, and even luminous silk. If your color palette is clearly defined you can mix textures and textiles to your heart’s content.

Choose velvet upholstery for a sense of luxury.

Whether you have a classic chesterfield or a midcentury-modern daybed, velvet upholstery gives a room glamour. If you’re nervous about using such a sumptuous fabric on your family’s sofa, here’s where fiber technology comes into play: Synthetic velvets like our Velvetsuede are performance fabrics that are designed to hold up to the rigors of everyday living.

Velvet bedding gives a room glamour.

Because they are not guest-facing, our bedrooms are often neglected when it comes to the final layers of design. Velvet bedding instantly takes a room from workaday to wow–both in looks and sensory experience. Our selection of velvet bedding includes quilts, throw blankets, shams, and decorative pillows—and all of it has a texture that is hard to resist!

Show us your velvet!

From luxe bedrooms to playful playrooms, we want to see how you use our velvets in your home. Tag @annieselke to share how you use our most luxurious fabric. We love to see our designs out in the wild!

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