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Interiors 101: Decorating with Robin’s Egg Blue

How to use nature’s most beguiling shade to maximum effect

It’s rare that a color name is as poetic as robin’s egg blue. This shade of aqua is a welcome dose of springtime in any interior, from a soothing bedroom to a cheerful entryway. Robin’s egg is beguiling because it isn’t a pure blue-green—rather it has a hint of brown and the natural world in the mix. It’s this balance between vibrant and natural that makes robin’s egg blue so versatile. Here’s how to Nature’s most calming shade of turquoise into your home:

Blue and white is always right

Our brand is known for its use of blue and white, especially in our Dash & Albert rugs. There’s a reason we love this classic color combination: Blue and white is a color palette that works in almost any home from the cutting-edge contemporary to the stately and traditional. If you’re living with white walls, take a cue from Sarah of Life on Virginia Street and paint your front door robin’s egg blue and roll out a coordinating rug for an instantly stylish entrance.

Find the blue that’s right for you

Designers and bloggers have puzzled over the perfect shade of robin’s egg paint, going so far as to color match an actual eggshell to paint swatches! However, the goal shouldn’t be to find the exact shade of eggshell blue, rather, it’s to find the right one for your room. And blues, including robin’s egg, are notoriously hard to judge from paint chips. Tiny swatches look pale, but when you put them on the wall, they tend to read very blue. So be sure to sample for the most accurate view of a color. The same is true of drapery, upholstery and rugs--anything that will cover a large surface--so get samples of those too!

Use it in rooms where you crave renewal

Our minds also associate robin’s egg blue with spring, so this particular shade is good for rooms where you want to feel revitalized. This aqua blue is refreshing, but it is also incredibly calming, so it is a natural choice for a bedroom. Grasscloth is a subtly textured and soothing alternative to paint to envelope a space: You can even paper the ceiling, like Grace Mitchell of A Storied Style did.

Create a palette with confidence

Pair robin’s egg with neutral and variations of blue for a foolproof color palette. Warm neutrals, including natural woods and linens, provide the grounding mood when paired with nature-inspired blue-green. If you want a colorful room, but still want to play it safe, greens and true blues both play nicely with robin’s egg, which contains a little bit of both.

Play with patterns

When you unify a space around wallpaper, a fabric, or both, you can play with color in unexpected ways, like pairing coral and robin’s egg, like @pineapplepalms did. Robin’s egg blue is a color you can find in many different textiles, so your style options are endless. If another color is in a fabric with robin’s egg, it gives you permission to pull both the colors through the space.

Layer blue into any room

You don’t have to paint your walls or reupholster your couch to explore robin’s egg blue. Art, bedding, lighting and accessories are all easy ways to bring in a little bit of this springtime color. Feeling more adventurous? Paper a powder room or an accent wall behind your bed in a robin’s egg blue grasscloth.

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