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Interiors 101: Decorating With Pink

Why Designers Rely On This Flattering, Versatile, And Sophisticated Shade.

About five years ago, a certain shade of pink had a renaissance: Dubbed “millennial pink,” this soft, dusty rose seemed to be everywhere. Articles were written about its prevalence, Pantone included it as a color of the year in 2016—this pink was the thing. But for many of us, pink didn’t need a revival: it had been a trusty decor companion all along. Decorators know that a blush pink is a flattering backdrop for dining rooms and powder rooms alike, and that just a dash of rich raspberry or zip of neon pink can wake up a dull room. Here’s why this blushing hue has remained a often-used tool in designers toolkits for decades:

01. Use pink when you want to make things pretty

There’s a reason pink is the color of princess dresses and ladies’ lounges: It’s a pretty color. When you look to nature, you’ll see pink in flowers, the sunset, seashells, and blushing cheeks. Because of these associations, there is a strong tie between pink and beauty. Use a shade of rose when you want a room to lean into its femininity.

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02. Know that pink is surprisingly versatile

While pink is pretty, it’s not just for girly spaces: Pink is at home in every room of the house from the dining room to the entryway. We’ve even seen pink used brilliantly in a bachelor’s apartment. You can use pink on walls, ceilings, or the floor, in textiles or even artwork–pink can go anywhere!

03. Treat it like a neutral

Another way pink is versatile is in how many colors it can pair with: If you want to match a color with pink, especially soft, pale pinks, there’s a good chance they will harmonize. And because there are so many subtly different shades of pink, if one doesn’t work, another will. Use these soft pinks where you might normally opt for an off-white or tan to add interest to your color scheme.

04. Pair it with white

Whether you use it as an accent in an all-white scheme or you use white to break up a pink-on-pink space, these two colors go especially well together. A clean, crisp white balances out the sweeter side of pink and makes it feel fresh. White also more clearly reveals a pink’s undertones, so you can see if a pink skews more towards peach or plum.

05. Use layers to make it sophisticated

The key to preventing pink from going too girly or too babyish, is to add layers of texture, color, and pattern to the room scheme. For example, hints of black or dark wood give a pink-centric scheme edge. A color palette that uses more than one shade of pink will have more depth. Patterned textiles, natural fibers, and art all give a room texture which will make the blush hues more dynamic. Keep layering until it feels right.

06. Start Small

If you’re nervous about trying pink in your home, start with an accent like a throw pillow, bedspread, or a set of taper candles—or paint just one accent wall in a rose color. We can guarantee that you’ll get hooked on the happy feeling pink tends to bring rooms.
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“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”
– Lilly Pulitzer

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