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Interiors 101: Decorating with Navy

This deep, rich shade of blue is one of the most versatile colors in a decorator’s tool kit. Because it pairs with almost any color, you can almost think of navy as a neutral (Skeptical? Think about how dark jeans go with everything). Navy gives the richness of black, but with a little softness that is often easier to live with than pure ebony. While the color calls to mind nautical motifs and preppy wardrobes, navy can skew edgy or youthful, depending on how you use it; in fact, it was Sherwin Williams’ color of the year in 2020. If you’re new to decorating with darker hues, here’s what you need to know to try navy in your home:

01. Navy is timeless

Just the word “navy” calls to mind a world that is classic and tailored. Worn by navy officers and gentlemen in suits around the world, navy is a color that has a timeless appeal. So much so, that designers will often use navy as a decorating device to drive home a traditional scheme.

02. Navy & white are always right

Navy loves to cozy up to white. The two colors are crisp and classic together, and white is a welcome contrast to the saturation of navy. If you have a room with navy walls or other large expanses of deep blue, bring in white to keep it from looking too dark.

03. It’s the ultimate backdrop for art

Museum curators well know that a darker backdrop can be an impactful way to highlight an art collection. Navy walls offer great contrast for art to hang against without being too harsh, and are an especially good choice if your art collection features a lot of light tones.

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04. Stripes and navy go together like bread and butter.

Because navy has that classic, almost preppy feel to it, it’s also a natural choice to mingle with stripes. Navy stripes can lend a room a nautical air that looks right at home in a beach house setting.

05. Navy mixes well with other blues

There’s something about a room dressed completely in shades of blue: They are restful yet fresh. In a blue-on-blue room, navy can be the star or a supporting element. Use it in contrast with almost any shade of blue from the palest baby blue to bright cobalt. Textiles in particular are a great place to play with a range of blue hues.

“Navy is such a timeless color: It almost acts as a neutral and can be paired with so many palettes.”

– Sarah Gibson, Room For Tuesday

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