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Interiors 101: Decorating With Green

Everything you need to know about Nature’s neutral.
Green is Nature’s neutral. Step outside and you’ll find it everywhere from the grass beneath your feet to the leaves and evergreens overhead. And Mother Nature delivers a dizzying array of green hues: silver-y sage, olive-hued kelp, and the bright chartreuse of a new bud about to burst. Those same colors are just as versatile inside the walls of your home. Think about it: Have you ever brought a plant into a room and thought, ‘Oh, this clashes.’?” Probably not. Try these tips for how to bring more green into your home:

Say ‘welcome’ with green

When people think of the color green it often calls to mind health and good luck. These positive connotations make it a welcoming color, and therefore an excellent choice for an entryway. Leafy hues also work well in an entry space because they create a natural transition from the outdoor world to the interior world.

Add emerald for elegance

This deep blue-tinted green is a luxurious color that has long had connotations of luxury in interior design—think silk, damask, brocade, and velvet. If you crave elegance but your style is more earthy, try a beautiful emerald linen duvet or just a single piece of furniture upholstered in rich emerald. A luxe feeling doesn’t have to be all decadent silk and fringe!

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Find a shade that’s right for you

If you want to try adding green to your home’s decor, explore the full spectrum of verdant hues: Whether it is paint or pillows, you’re sure to find one that harmonizes with your home. If your color scheme skews warmer, look for greens with warm undertones. If your palette is dominated by blues, grays, and other cool hues, look for a blue-green shade or a pale green with a dusky cast. If you’re painting, sampling is key: Greens look different in many lights!

Use greens to wake up a color scheme

Because we associate green with nature and plants, it is an energizing hue. Even a touch of green breathes life into a room. Pair green-colored accents with fresh greenery or houseplants for double the impact. Plus, if you bring in houseplants, they will actually help clean the air!

Go green where you want to relax

The presence of plants indoors has been shown to have calming effects on people. A study from Rutgers that showed that people breathe more deeply when exposed to living plants and flowers and another study by Kansas State University that showed that hospital patients staying in a room with plants recovered faster than those without. It’s not a huge stretch to see why green is a soothing hue in our homes. Layer green with natural fiber rugs and natural wood to further the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Start with a verdant accent

Now that we’ve persuaded you that green is a color that will enrich your home, make a plan to start weaving it into your decor. Throw pillows, art, and accent tables are small but impactful ways to add a touch of pine or peacock. For a high-impact change, a set of green bed linens will totally transform your sleeping space. Or frame a window in leaf green curtains to connect to a view of nature beyond. You can’t go wrong with green.
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“Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions.”
-John Muir

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