Home Decorating Inspired By: The Ballet & Flesh and Bone

Inspired By: The Ballet & Flesh and Bone

Living in an area that boasts one of the world’s premier dance festivals, we’ve had an ongoing  romance with the ballet. And when the new ballet-set show Flesh and Bone debuted a couple months back, we couldn’t stop thinking about all the floaty fabrics, rich colors, and throwback simplicity the dance world naturally conjures—and how easily those elements could translate to interior design.


Flesh and Bone 2_2 InesSavannahTeastain


We put together this sophisticated, feminine yet not over-the-top-girly look by following a few simple rules:


  1. Ethereal fabrics like linen gauze and voile are great, but need to be grounded by more substantial fabrics—think velvet, fleece, and heavier-weight cotton. The latter are the Ross—the leading dancer—elements of a ballet-inspired bed.
  2. Likewise, the standard ballet pinks, ivories, and lavenders create a beautiful foil for richer jewel tones, like garnet, amethyst, topaz, and aquamarine. Think of these hue groupings as the Claire and Emily of your design.
  3. The play of texture needs special attention here, to evoke the ease of movement, confidence, and elegance of a prima ballerina like Flesh and Bone’s inimitable Kiira.
  4. Classic shapes work best, with a few unexpected details—a ruffle here, a quilted pattern there, a bit of fringe on the edges—to bring out a feeling of liveliness and spontaneity, like rebel Daphne does for the rest of her company members.


Love the feel of the ballet? Here’s how to get the look at home:


1. Ines Duvet Cover

2. Selke Fleece Garnet Decorative Pillow

3. Silken Solid Slipper Pink Sheet Set

4. Mate Velvet Dusty Plum Quilt and Sham

5. Selke Fleece Garnet Throw

6. Candlewick Pale Rose Decorative Pillow

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