Home Decorating Inspired By: Marine Life

Inspired By: Marine Life

When it comes to color palettes, we love finding new inspiration in unexpected places. Flowers and plants are a no-brainer, beautiful animals are a given, and artwork often kicks it up a notch with creative combos that shouldn’t work together but just do. So where do you look when you feel like you’ve seen it all and want some fresh hue inspiration? The answer is under—way under—all of our noses. Let’s take a deep dive and explore sea life that provides some of the most spectacularly varied color palettes we’ve ever seen.


First, we used this truth-is-stranger-(and infinitely more beautiful)-than-fiction slideshow from National Geographic as our guide.


Then we interpreted these ideas with décor, finding just the right mix of ultrasaturated colors, from vibrant oranges and yellows to vivid blues and purples, with paler hues. We also looked for patterns that evoke the movement of the sea, and interspersed them with solids of the same color family but different tones. The result is a bedroom look that’s expressive, bold, and dynamic, and that’s easy to change up by sticking with the same printed sheets and matelassé coverlet, and swapping out the accessories.


Here’s how to get the look at home:




1. Boyfriend Orange matelassé shams

2. Surina Indigo decorative pillow

3. Graffiti sheet set

4. Laundered Linen Terra-Cotta throw

5. Herringbone Indigo woven cotton rug

6. Stone Washed Linen Indigo duvet cover and shams

7. Paint Chip decorative pillow


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