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It Had to Be Hue: Colorful Bedding Refresh

As we dig ourselves out from beneath a mountain of cold, sparkly white stuff, and the winter continues to plod on (and on . . . and on), we can’t help but look forward to a few signs of spring. We might not be able to make the sun shine or the flowers grow just yet (see aforementioned mountain of cold, sparkly white stuff), but we can incorporate some beautiful blooms into our bedroom décor. This could just be the prettiest palette we’ve seen since, well, the snow started falling way back in . . . sigh. Let’s not think about that.


Instead, we’re cheering ourselves up with these new Clarissa coordinates.  As soon as we saw them, our winter-fatigued minds immediately started turning with all the color combo  and styling possibilities. Annie based this duvet cover, sheet set, and shams on a Parisian watercolor she came across during her last European jaunt, and translated it into an effervescent digital print on crisp, 100 percent cotton. With its shades of pink, fuchsia, tangerine, yellow, and lime, this floral bedding offers a ton of pairing options, from riotously colorful, anything-goes palettes to a stark white palette with Clarissa as its star.


To wake us from our winter hibernation, Annie came up with these two bedding looks, one with full-on color, and the other with just a single bright pop to play off the multihued duvet.

In the first bedroom design, she combined the Clarissa duvet cover and Euro shams with bright white sheets with an embroidered hem, and a tailored white bed skirt. She topped it off with linen decorative pillows in the same juicy citrus color, and picked up a similar hue in the cotton rug. Since the scale of the duvet print is so large, she kept the accessories small, and added in a couple more colors—fuchsia and yellow—from the watercolor.


For the second bedroom design, Annie gave the Clarissa sheets a whole new look with some vibrant layers. Over the sheets, she tucked a yellow matelassé coverlet and shams, plus a lofty cotton duvet with a trio of petite stripes in punchy fuchsia; the latter adds a second, more subtle pattern, to the room. She finished off the bed with a single matelassé sham in the same vivid pink. The accessories are similar to the first bedroom design, in shades of pink, lime, and yellow, but she arranged different sizes and shapes in a single vignette, rather than spreading them out. For extra visual kick, she brought in a third pattern with the rug—a fabulous, Indian-inspired design in a no-fuss indoor/outdoor weave. Though the three patterns give the space a much brighter character, they vary enough in scale and are broken up by solids, so the look remains easygoing rather than going over the top.


Both of these rooms feature white walls—a simultaneous nod to winter and to streamlined palettes that put the focus on that stunning watercolor bedding—but Annie notes that if all that white just isn’t for you, you could easily splash the walls with a ballet-slipper pink for extra oomph. If it helps us think of warm, sunny days on the porch, with a glass of iced tea in one hand and decorating magazine in the other, we’re in.


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