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How We Hue: Wall Colors that Work

We’ve all been there. Gathering up dozens of swatches at the paint store and trying to decide how they will look in our space. Maybe that white is too warm? Perhaps the green is looking a bit too grey?  How to choose?

We talked to some of our favorite designers to find out what some of their go-to colors are – wall colors that work – and have chosen a few tried-and-true hues that coordinate beautifully with our fall collection.

Lehigh Green is the perfect cool offset for our warm and richly-hued Kenly bedding.  We love how this shade of green compliments the autumnal oranges and reds just perfectly.

For a more neutral feel, use Decorator’s White with the same warm bedding styles.

A pastel that’s one part warm and two parts light and breezy — like the Chippendale Rose Tone— is another designer favorite and a subtle but surefire way to brighten up a room. It also pairs beautifully with cool and warmer toned accents, furniture and bedding.

All paint by Benjamin Moore:

  1. Decorator’s White
  2. Ocean City Blue
  3. Black Ink
  4. Barren Plain
  5. Chippendale Rosetone
  6. Lehigh Green
  7. Moccasin
  8. Amherst Grey


What about you? Do you have a tried-and-true favorite, or a top pick from our fabulous fall palette?

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