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How To: Yarn Bomb a Headboard

As fall approaches, we’re looking forward to experimenting with cozy, tactile fabrics that make our décor feel warm and snuggle-worthy. We also have a long-standing obsession with yarn bombing—and, no, we don’t think something this cool and artsy could be a trend that ever runs its course. So this got us to thinking. Why not bring together the crafty, vintage, handmade quality of yarn bombing with fall-friendly decorating?


It turns out that yarn bombing is a natural for headboards that have railings or spindles, and it’s a great trick for covering up an old, seen-better-days frame. We chose a basic headboard with several well-spaced spindles, both because we like the impact of all that openness juxtaposed with fuzzy, colorful crochet, and because fewer surfaces make it easier to cover.


For the afghans, we searched eBay, looking for inexpensive covers in patterns and colors we liked. Ultimately, we picked two, to give the headboard a little extra personality. You can also look for afghans in flea markets, thrift stores, or yard sales; don’t worry if they’re not perfect, because you can generally cut around any damaged or stained areas.


Ready to get started? Here we go.


What you’ll need:


How to yarn bomb a headboard bed 1

how to yarn bomb a headboard 1a



Medium-weight fusible backing (available at fabric and craft stores; buy enough to cover the back of your afghans)

Old afghans

Measuring tape

Old metal headboard


Sewing machine

Fabric scissors

Large needle for sewing yarn

Yarn in complementary colors for stitching

Thimble (not necessary, but helpful if you have to push the yarn through thick areas)


How to do it:

  1. Iron the fusible backing onto a large piece of afghan, making sure the heat is not too high. If you’re using more than one afghan, repeat with the remaining ones.


how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 2


  1. Measure around the areas of the headboard that you’re planning to cover with fabric. We opted for strips that were long enough for the two ends to meet on the back of the headboard.


how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 3


  1. Mark the measurements onto the fusible backing, and top stitch on either side of the line to hold the yarn to the backing. This will prevent the edges from fraying.


  1. Cut the afghan(s) at the lines into as many strips as you need to cover the measurements of your headboard. You will have several.


how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 4a

how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 4


  1. Wrap the strips around the headboard and cut to the desired length.


how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 5a


  1. Whip stitch, using the large needle and yarn. Place a stitch about every inch or so on the back side of the headboard, where it won’t be visible.how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 5how to yarn bomb a headboard 6
  2. Continue wrapping and stitching until you’ve covered all parts of the headboard that you want to cover. We added a decorative piece in the center, following the same instructions above, for extra flair.

how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 7

how to yarn bomb a headboard bed 8


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