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How to Give Your Winter Whites a Pastel Pop

Now that winter is fully under way (yes, snow and all), we’re celebrating one of our all-time favorite ways to decorate the bedroom: layered whites, with lots of texture and dimension—and the barest hint of color, thanks to a few well-chosen pastels.


We love this approach for a few reasons:  first, you can’t go wrong with white bedding. Ever. It goes with everything, looks crisp and clean, and is restful on the eye—the perfect foundation for a sleep sanctuary. Second, adding in a bit of curated color puts those beloved white pieces front and center, allowing them to pop, in all their wintry glory, against a soothing hue that catches the eye without stealing the show.  And third: it’s easy—as in super easy—and feels sophisticated and elegant without even trying. Does it get much better than that?


We’ve put together three different takes on mixing winter white bedding with a pastel pop, to create three gorgeous bedroom decorating palettes: ballet pink and white, sky blue and white, and dove grey and white. Get the look:



White and Pale Grey Palette

1. Seychelles Dove White Quilt

2. Chadna Grey Decorative Pillow

3. Trio Pearl Grey Duvet Cover

4. Trio Pearl Grey Sham

5. Trio Pearl Grey Flat Sheet

6. Baja White Matelassé Coverlet

7. Comfy Cable Knit Pearl Grey Throw



White and Pink Palette

1. Savannah Linen Gauze Ivory Decorative Pillow

2. Annette Spring Sham

3. Louisa Ivory Decorative Pillow

4. Petite Trellis Ivory Matelassé Coverlet

5. Louisa Ivory Duvet Cover

6. Candlewick Pale Rose Throw



White and Sky Blue Palette

Interlaken White Matelassé Coverlet

Anka Sky Throw

Classic Hemstitch White Duvet Cover

Savannah Linen Gauze White Sham

Anka Sky Decorative Pillow


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