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How to Create A Bold-But-Livable Living Room

Discover the tricks for using color and pattern with confidence.
Ever look at a beautiful room and wonder how did they do that—and, more importantly, how can I do something similar at home? We break it down, using this eclectic, pink living room as a guide:
1. Use color to create a sense of place. When you go with a wall color this bold (Benjamin Moore’s Milano Red), your room will instantly feel like a destination—the kind of place people remember. Warm, rosy pinks are especially inviting colors to use in a big way because they cast a flattering light on whomever is in the room. It’s also a low-cost and low-commitment way to make a statement.
2. Add interest with a collection of mirrors. If you’re intimidated to put together a gallery wall (and who isn’t?), try a statement wall of mirrors instead. A wall of mirrors gives the same on-trend look as a display of wall art, but you won’t have to worry about composing and coordinating the art inside the frames. As a bonus, a mirror wall will multiply the daylight in the room.
3. Balance bold color with natural fibers. Brightly colored walls are a great way to create visual impact, but they should be tempered with a healthy dose of natural, neutral hues. Here an oversized woven jute rug tones down the color scheme to a livable level. Additional natural elements like wood of the side chairs, the rope tray, and the wooden frames of some of the mirrors further ground the look.
4. Stick to a quiet couch. The dynamic decor also gets a visual break from the crisp, white sofa. Placed at the center of the room, a white couch gives a little air to a colorful space. White or neutral upholstery also lets you swap out your pillows for a new look without having to coordinate with the furniture.
5. Bring the palette together. A single item that has all the colors of a room does a magic trick of pulling the whole space together. Whether it’s a rug, wallpaper, or textile like the ikat fabric on this ottoman, try to have at least one piece that collects your color palette into a visual snapshot of the room as a whole.
6. Create symmetry. The wall of mirrors, bright pink walls, and personality-packed pillows give this room a decidedly maximalist look, but the balanced arrangement of the furniture keeps it from feeling overwhelming. The secret to a plentiful interior style is to have moments of precise symmetry, like the placement of the chairs, couch, ottoman, pillows, and rugs.

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