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Sometimes, we just have to brag a little. Here at Fresh American, we couldn’t be prouder to have a variety of artists and artisans on staff, including our hugely talented visual stylist Melissa Matsuki Lillie, who also happens to be a hugely talented contemporary painter.

This summer, Melissa, a Maryland Institute College of Art grad who has exhibited her work around the Berkshire area and in New York City, was invited by DownStreet Art  in North Adams, Massachusetts, to create an original mural as part of a celebration of the rich arts culture of the city.

Melissa’s mural, That’s Gneiss!, (pronounced nice—a technical term for a type of metamorphic rock) is inspired by microscopic and macroscopic views of geological formations found in the rocks that that make up many of the buildings in the city’s downtown area. The color-charged mural is abstract and layered, with a made-you-look-twice dimensional quality you’d never expect to find on the side of a building. And that’s exactly why we love Melissa’s work: it’s bold, statement-making, utterly beautiful, and never predictable.

So enjoy the view, then hop over to Melissa’s website to see more of her amazing work.

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