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5 Inspirational Lessons from Designer Anne Sage’s Fabulous Home Office

Before Designer Anne Sage transformed this work from home space, it was full of rejected furniture from other rooms. “Because the room had that castoff vibe, it was very easy for it to become a dumping ground for overflow from other rooms,” she explained. “The desk got buried beneath old papers, the shelves became loaded with junk, the chair was drowning under laundry. Eventually it started to feel like the room that time forgot—and I started to feel really guilty that Ivan had to work in there all day!”

Your ideal workspace doesn’t need to look or feel like a traditional office. Create a room that will help you feel calm and stay focused.

The chair. The desk. If it’s not functional right off the bat, it will be excruciating 8-10 hours later.

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Hint: Buy the same caliber of lighting that you’d use for the living room. Extra warmth will offset the blue light emitted by electronics.

“I must have tried seven different rugs before I landed on this super understated but super beautiful Dash & Albert Hooked Wool Rug in Ivory. I knew I wanted something that would add texture and softness to the space, but everything I was sampling was either too one-note or too busy. The Dash & Albert rug is the ideal happy medium. It has a crosshatch texture that’s multidimensional but still very subdued. And it’s a soft, high-quality wool that feels cushiony underfoot.”

Photography: Monica Wang

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