Home Decorating Home Office Goals with Julia Dzafic

Home Office Goals with Julia Dzafic

6 inspirational lessons from Julia’s fabulous home office.

This is literally a room of your own, so follow Julia Dzafic’s lead and surround yourself with colors you love. “This is the most ‘me’ room of all time. It is bright and cheerful, and truly makes me motivated to work hard every day,” says Julia.

“I tend to go overboard on wall art and then regret it so, for now, I’m treating the grasscloth wallpaper like art and keeping it really simple,” she explains. “It’s staying this way and it feels very calm and serene without too much going on.”

Julia gave the ginger jar that belonged to her grandmother pride of place on her etagere.  “I have so many beautiful heirlooms from my late grandmother, and it was really important to me that they were displayed somewhere where I could look at them daily,” she explains.

Julia chose to work with the narrow dimensions of her space and put her desk front and center – right in the middle of the room. “Ultimately I chose the layout because this position makes me feel like such a boss!”

Sure, you’ll need to have some practical items on hand – storage, files, stationery and the like. Bring a little beauty to the everyday with something as simple as colorful storage boxes (with cheeky labels!) or a beautiful tray to hold the essentials.

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Especially if you’re working from home with children. Click here for more of Julia’s work from home tips. 

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For more inspiration, see:

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Christine September 3, 2020 at 3:19 pm

Ahhh what is the rug in the gorgeous wood A-frame come office email? I really hate when the products are not identified, that would be so helpful. Nothing like seeing the products in a setting since I cannot envision it in my own home until I get it.


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