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Winter into Spring Bedroom Makeover with Holly Becker of decor8

We’re always down for creating a soothing sleep sanctuary. And when it looks as cozy and inviting as this bedroom styled by the inimitable Holly Becker of decor8, one of our all-time favorite design blogs, we can imagine dozens of hit-the-snooze-button mornings and turn-in-early nights.



Photo via decor8


Holly’s bedroom, with its thoroughly modern palette of gentle greys and glacial blues, is all about softness and texture you can sink into, and warmth without a lot of weight. We love her approach to layering, including a stone-washed linen duvet cover and a sumptuous velvet quilt, which allows her to pull up or peel down the bedcovers as the chilly nights of winter transition into the mild temps of spring.



Photo via decor8


As for the accents, she went with several touchable textures—a woven cotton blanket, a silky fleece Euro sham, and a block-print throw pillow with decorative top-stitching. All of this design goodness on top of crisp cotton sheets in an Indian-inspired print. Who’s ready for a nap or a round of reading in bed?



Photo via decor8


There’s a lot more to love, so visit decor8 for the full reveal, including three different takes on that gorgeous bed.

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