Home Decorating Hello, Hygge: 5 Ways to Adopt This Cozy Danish Lifestyle at Home

Hello, Hygge: 5 Ways to Adopt This Cozy Danish Lifestyle at Home

During these chilly winter months, it’s only natural to gravitate towards anything and everything cozy. Here at Annie Selke Headquarters, we recently discovered (and are completely obsessed with) the wildly popular Danish lifestyle philosophy, hygge. Read on to learn more about hygge, and how exactly to pronounce it!


About Hygge

Hygge, pronounced (HOO-guh), derives from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning “to comfort” or “to console.” Although there is no direct English translation, the term is widely recognized to simply mean “coziness,” and believe us when we say we are all about being cozy, no matter the season!

According to Danish Ambassador Lars Gert Lose, hygge is a combination of three factors: the space you’re in, the people you’re with and the intention “to create a sanctuary.”  Since we are in the business of helping our customers create their own sanctuaries with our loveable, high-quality products, it should come as no surprise why we were immediately attracted to hygge and everything it represents. We realize that fully achieving hygge takes time, energy and attention, so we put together a fail-proof guide to adopting this easy-to-love lifestyle in your own home.


1. Strive for Minimalism

Take time to rid your space of clutter by only keeping items that spark joy. Sort through your closet and donate rarely-worn or old clothing. Tidy up tables, dressers and other surfaces around your home. Replace meaningless clutter with treasures such as special family photos in gorgeous frames or inspiring artwork.

Other odds and ends that you still need around the house can be neatly organized into storage bins.



2. Think Green!

Promote a sense of well-being and zen by incorporating a plethora of colorful and lush indoor plants throughout your home! Most varieties are a piece of cake to care for and even just a few add loads of charm to any space. (Learn more about easy-care indoor plants here).



3. Stay Warm

Perfect lighting is key when setting a hyggelig scene, as is going out of your way to ensure you’re nice and toasty warm. Create a peaceful setting with plenty of candles (in your favorite calming scent, of course!) and warm up with a cozy fire in the fireplace.

Pull on your favorite wool socks and pour a hot beverage for even more hygge. The Danes love hot chocolate and glogg (mulled wine), but coffee and tea do the trick, too!



4. Re-Think Your Accessories

Replace any accessories and décor throughout your home that don’t make you feel uber cozy. In their place, swap in super-soft, snuggle-worthy blankets, throws hewn of cozy knits, fluffy pillows, super-soft rugs, sheepskin accessories and comfy furniture (we’re currently loving this sheepskin nest).



5. Refresh Your Bathroom

When people think of making rooms in their homes cozier, the last room that comes to mind is likely the bathroom! Yet what could be more hygge than a warm and relaxing bubble bath? Simple tweaks like switching out old towels for fluffiy new ones or replacing an old bath mat with a new plush rug in your favorite relaxing color makes a world of difference!


We love to hear from you! Have you already been introduced to hygge? How have you adopted this lifestyle at home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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