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Heart of Gold (and Silver)

We have a little confession to make. For about a dozen years now, we’ve been stalking following the work of jewelry designer Jes Maharry.  Ever since we first spied our “neighbor” in the Sundance catalog (Annie’s Dash & Albert rugs and accessories are available there, too), we couldn’t wait to see what she’d come up with next. And all that time, we’ve always found something to be inspired by.

Jes, who majored in illustration in college, hails from a family of artists and started out at a young age piecing together found objects into jewelry. She taught herself silversmithing, and her organic shapes, free-form handcrafted charms, and mixed-media combinations soon caught the eye of gallery owners and boutiques. These days, her pieces feature everything from 14k gold to Tibetan turquoise and oxblood coral, but they still bear her signature juxtaposition of the raw and refined, the delicate and the tomboyish.

Jes is a die-hard animal lover who lives on a farm—with her family and a cadre of adorable four-footers, many of them rescues—in Ojai, California, where she draws much of her nature-based inspiration. She’s also committed to sustainability, using as many earth-friendly practices as possible and employing local artisans to help fill the orders for her bustling business (she’s now one of Sundance’s top-selling artists). If you haven’t browsed her work before, check out her website. We guarantee you’ll find something beautiful to obsess over.

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