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Happy-Hued Halloween Pumpkin DIY

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, not only for the snack-filled parties and over-the-top costumes, but also for the chance to go all out with decorations. Instead of sticking to the traditional orange-and-black Halloween scheme, why not take a page from the Mexican Día de los Muertos celebration and get creative with color? Stock up on inexpensive colored tissue paper and let your inner Edward Scissorhands run wild to make this festive tabletop vignette.


Paint a craft pumpkin with white matte acrylic paint. (You can also paint a real pumpkin, or buy a white variety at your local farmers’ market.)


While it’s drying, fold colored tissue paper into small squares and cut out snowflake, star, and other shapes, until you have a pile of designs in a variety of colors. Use the same technique for crafting the coordinating table runner.


Working over one area at a time, brush a light layer of Mod Podge on the pumpkin, then carefully lay a tissue-paper design on top and smooth in place.


Brush the top of the place tissue-paper design gently with another light layer of Mod Podge. Continue placing and layering the designs, being careful to avoid tearing the paper.


To make the banner of tiny flags, cut rectangles of the same approximate length and width from the colored tissue paper.


Tie one end of a piece of twine to an anchor and pull the other end taut. Apple a dash of Mod Podge to just a few spots at a time on the twine.


Fold the tissue-paper rectangles over the glue spots, alternating colors as you go, and repeating until you’re within a foot of the twine’s end (make sure to leave part of it undecorated for tying).


Tie the banner over the table, and set out colorful candy in dishes and bowls of different heights.

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